We appreciate the intercessions… and reminder of Ephesians 6:10-20…

We are Living in the Combat Zone…warring and winning…

We appreciate the intercessions... and reminder of Ephesians 6:10-20

we are spending our efforts towards the breakthrough to 30,000 meals a month for the oppressed, poor and needy….we will soon return to teaching and posting  the teachings for access to all..

we could use donations for those who can do something…for those who have sown already to whatever you have been led to do by the Holy Spirit we ask you to remeber this effort before the Lord…


update  April 2010- over 77,000 meals…the last 9000+ CLEARED THE pORT AFTER THE CORRUPTION TRIED TO CHARGE DOUBLE WHAT we got it out of the Port for in the end….. and this they do after an earthquake and 359,000 died at the last count a award winning journalist inside haiti told us……..the american economy has slowed many from participating – we wait for the Lord on that – we spend the extra time preparing | teaching | preaching | listening to the Lord and repeating – shout it from the house tops…

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