Personal Message from apostle Thomas – fOUNDING


Well we are really drawing down to the final days of man ruled by the devil on earth. The big showdown is at hand….

The devil has come down having great wrath, the devil will try to destroy israel and break the prophecy of end of the age events which culminate in israel, Jerusalem and the temple Mount….

I want to make you aware that this blog has feeds from some of our other blogs….and that even if i do not post fresh content on this blog (due to space overuse) that there is fresh content thru the feeds in the sidebars for you to see what else we are finding noteworthy,,,,

We are set for the defense of the gospel, we have been released to work more in america than the past, so alot of things you will see posted pertain to ungodliness in america and americas need to repent – since the greatests manifestation of evil is coming thru our governmental and political arean you will see me addressing that alot…its not about politics – its about stopping evil and ‘discipling the nations’ ….

Its time to Press into God, press into His Word…do the word…become one with the word and press into the Holy PSirit of God like never before….


Bishop of R.A.I.N. Network…


founding apostle of Rain Network